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Empowering and equipping Christian Women to be the warriors God created them to be so they can face off whatever comes their way with BOLD confidence.

You've Got This, You Are Enough.

Thursday. Thursday is a big day. Thursday answers THE question. The question that sounds like fingers down a chalkboard, “what’s for dinner?” The question that heaps guilt, and shame, and downright nags when after a long day at work I realize: I need to feed my people.

Thursday brings freedom. Thursday is the day a blue box shows up and puts dinner FOR THE NEXT FOUR DAYS on the porch. Thursday is the day this working mama delegates her shopping to an apron app on her phone and puts a checkmark on her to-do list. Thursday is the day she keeps in control of her chaotic schedule.

Thursday also brings deliverance. Thursday is the day the voices saying, “I am not a good enough mom” are liars. Thursday is the day I’m reminded of the truth that I am a good mom, I am enough, I’ve got it together and I’m doing just fine. And it’s ok if working full time and putting food on the table using a food delivery service is what this season of...

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Ten Ways to Be Grateful Year-round

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not because of all the food, but because it's a time of year we put a dedicated focus on being grateful. What if we embraced gratitude year-round? What would it look like?

This week I shared a Facebook Live on how to be grateful by giving others words of affirmation. Check it out: Expressing Gratitude.

To jump-start your thinking, I've composed a list of Ten Ways to Be Grateful Year-round.

  1. Journal it - Keep a thankfulness journal and aim to write ten things you're grateful for each day. I learned this from Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts as she shares her journey of how this simple journal changed her entire outlook on life.
  2. Share it - Go around the table during meal times, each sharing something they're thankful for that day.
  3. Store it - Write each of your blessings on a slip of paper, put it in a "blessing" jar, pull them out, and read them each Thanksgiving. Then, continue to add year after year.
  4. See it - Design a calendar putting a verse or...
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5 Ways To Get Emotional Margin

I remember meeting a colleague for lunch, “I’ve got to get out of here, I’m suffocating” I said through desperate tears. “The environment is sucking the life out of me.” Workplace drama and an unhealthy environment had taken it’s toll. 

There have been a few times in my life where I was in toxic environments, both personally and professionally. Whether it was roommates, colleagues or bosses the environment was emotionally draining. Author Dr Swenson says “To be healthy, we require margin in …emotional energy,” for “when we are emotionally resilient, we can confront our problems with a sense of hope and power. When our emotional reserves are depleted, however, we are seriously weakened.” Have you ever felt seriously weakened? Depleted emotionally?

There’s hope, here are 5 Ways to Get Emotional Margin*:

Envision a better future: Imagining life better in the future is a huge key to making it reality....

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5 Ways to Get More Rest

Earlier this week I shared a FaceBook Live on getting more rest. And as a follow up I wanted to put together a list of things to do to make it happen.

As I looked back over the past two months, I realized I spent a lot of time in rest, forced rest. In August, I began creating my online classes and I worked much more than normal. So, it should not have come to a surprise that I needed more rest. And this month I overdid it again, this time with packing in so many fun activities I didn’t rest. Once I realized it I got intentional and I took a moment to get fully present with myself to reflect on where I needed self-care. And I realized I needed rest.

Conventional advice will tell you to get more rest you will just need to get to bed at a decent hour. "I know, I know.” We say and we don’t do it. This is something that we all know to do and it is harder than it sounds. But often we lay there and can’t sleep so getting more rest when we’re staring at the...

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Can You Trust Them? 20 Questions to Consider

Earlier this week I shared a FaceBook Live on 3 things you need to know before sharing anything with anyone. If you missed it you can catch it here. And I realized some people may need help deciding WHO is trustworthy. How do you tell if you can trust someone?

Here are 20 Questions To Consider;


  1. Can they keep secrets or do they gossip or share secrets of others? Are they trustworthy or Do they gossip or share secrets of others? - My grandmother was like Fort Knox, you could tell her something and she would lock it away and not open the vault for anyone. No pushing or prodding could get grandma to share anything.
  2. Are they biased or judgmental? Do they judge you or your choices?
  3. Do they respect your boundaries? Or do they push back on the limits you place on them (financially, time, information)?
  4. Are they positive or negative?
  5. Do they have integrity? Does their “yes” mean “yes” and their “no” mean “no” or do they waffle...
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5 Ways to Respond to Tragedy

It has been a tragic season. Between the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to the mass murder in Las Vegas, I am grieved. And I’m sure you are too. As I spoke with several people they all shared a longing to respond but not knowing how. So today, I’m going to share 5 ways we can respond in tragedy:

1) Prayer. As the devastation of each event began to unfold on the news I didn’t have words. My heart just sank and in a deep tearful exhale I said “Dear God!” Or “Lord, have mercy!" We often think we have to have more words than this and if you can muster them, great. If like me you are so stunned that words escape you a guttural plea to our Heavenly Father is a place to start.

2) Support. Without even thinking all the people I know who live in (or were visiting) the epi-centers began to come to mind. Perhaps it did to you too. I immediately grabbed my phone and reached out to each one, trying to find out if...

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How to Respond to Circumstances Out of Your Control

A recent study found that 14%  of people get overwhelmed by circumstances out of their control. And I'm raising my hand. ME ME ME!

Last Tuesday was a day of circumstances I could not control. And this lack of control definitely impacted my feelings. I began to sense frustration and impatience rising.

We were trying to get to a weeknight concert on time and nothing went right. My husband couldn't leave the office as early as he had hoped. Traffic was backed up. And the directions Google gave us were wrong causing us to drive 20 miles out of the way, only to turn around and come back.  

Meanwhile, the parking lots at the venue were filling up and we were destined for this grassy overflow area about a mile away. It seemed like that which we had planned for months before was more of a last minute afterthought. Things were not going the way I'd hoped. AT ALL.

As I felt these feelings of frustration and impatience rose an inner voice...

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