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Empowering and equipping Christian Women to be the warriors God created them to be so they can face off whatever comes their way with BOLD confidence.

5 Ways to Respond to Tragedy

It has been a tragic season. Between the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to the mass murder in Las Vegas, I am grieved. And I’m sure you are too. As I spoke with several people they all shared a longing to respond but not knowing how. So today, I’m going to share 5 ways we can respond in tragedy:

1) Prayer. As the devastation of each event began to unfold on the news I didn’t have words. My heart just sank and in a deep tearful exhale I said “Dear God!” Or “Lord, have mercy!" We often think we have to have more words than this and if you can muster them, great. If like me you are so stunned that words escape you a guttural plea to our Heavenly Father is a place to start.

2) Support. Without even thinking all the people I know who live in (or were visiting) the epi-centers began to come to mind. Perhaps it did to you too. I immediately grabbed my phone and reached out to each one, trying to find out if...

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How to Respond to Circumstances Out of Your Control

A recent study found that 14%  of people get overwhelmed by circumstances out of their control. And I'm raising my hand. ME ME ME!

Last Tuesday was a day of circumstances I could not control. And this lack of control definitely impacted my feelings. I began to sense frustration and impatience rising.

We were trying to get to a weeknight concert on time and nothing went right. My husband couldn't leave the office as early as he had hoped. Traffic was backed up. And the directions Google gave us were wrong causing us to drive 20 miles out of the way, only to turn around and come back.  

Meanwhile, the parking lots at the venue were filling up and we were destined for this grassy overflow area about a mile away. It seemed like that which we had planned for months before was more of a last minute afterthought. Things were not going the way I'd hoped. AT ALL.

As I felt these feelings of frustration and impatience rose an inner voice...

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