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Ten Ways to Be Grateful Year-round

Nov 09, 2017

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not because of all the food, but because it's a time of year we put a dedicated focus on being grateful. What if we embraced gratitude year-round, what would it look like.

This week I shared a Facebook Live on how to be grateful by giving others words of affirmation. Check it out: Expressing Gratitude

To jump start your thinking I’ve composed a list of Ten Ways to Be Grateful Year-round.

  1. Journal it - Keep a thankfulness journal and aim to write 10 things you’re grateful for each day. I learned this from Ann Voscamp’s 1000 Gifts as she shares her journey of how this simple journal changed her entire outlook on life.
  2. Share it - Go around the table during meal times each sharing something their thankful for that day.
  3. Store it - Write each of your blessings on a slip of paper, put it in a “blessing” jar, pull them out and read them each Thanksgiving. Continue to add year after year.
  4. See it - Design a calendar putting a verse or poem on gratefulness on each month.
  5. Frame it - Search Pinterest for printable gratitude verses, frame them and put them around your house.
  6. Send it - Use this card to write a hand written note to family, friends, dinner guests, neighbors, bosses, and/or teachers to tell them why you are grateful for them and mail them throughout the year.
  7. Bake it - Bake goodies and deliver them to your neighbors, local fire and police station, give them to your mail carrier and/or trash collector.
  8. Speak it - Make saying thank you apart of your daily vocabulary, for everything.
  9. Pray it - Beyond just offering thanksgiving over meals, practice saying prayers of gratitude over all your blessings.
  10. Reframe it. When the reminders of the bad times come, reflect on how far you’ve come, what you've learned and how you are moving forward to do things differently.

Be sure to implement two or three, and if you think of any more ideas put them in the comments below. It would be a blessing to all of us.

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