"Make it stop!"

Chaos, it may feel like you can't make it stop. All hell is breaking loose and you are about to lose control.  

Sure, you've prayed about it, but your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling.

And you wonder, does God even hear you.

You are not alone.

I was there too and I can help.

You can make the chaos stop and never come back. I know because I've done it.

Other people have told you to pray about it, but I will tell you to "declare" the promises of God. Because declarations make your prayers more powerful.

Declarations changed everything for me. They were my first step to breakthrough and they can begin yours too.

When you declare you will:

  • Find the strength you need before you break.
  • Grab control before everything falls apart. 
  • Be empowered and gain confidence to keep going.
  • And get the hope you need to live the life you're created for.

Declarations to begin your breakthrough, today!

"I have kept these with me and repeated them many times over. They filled me with such faith and hope to face the day." ~ Dotti