Can You Trust Them? 20 Questions to Consider

struggle to strength Oct 19, 2017

Earlier this week I shared a FaceBook Live on 3 things you need to know before sharing anything with anyone. If you missed it you can catch it here. And I realized some people may need help deciding WHO is trustworthy. How do you tell if you can trust someone?

Here are 20 Questions To Consider;


  1. Can they keep secrets or do they gossip or share secrets of others? Are they trustworthy or Do they gossip or share secrets of others? - My grandmother was like Fort Knox, you could tell her something and she would lock it away and not open the vault for anyone. No pushing or prodding could get grandma to share anything.
  2. Are they biased or judgmental? Do they judge you or your choices?
  3. Do they respect your boundaries? Or do they push back on the limits you place on them (financially, time, information)?
  4. Are they positive or negative?
  5. Do they have integrity? Does their “yes” mean “yes” and their “no” mean “no” or do they waffle depending on the situation?
  6. Do they honor their commitments and keep their promises, no matter how small?
  7. Are they punctual with their time?
  8. Are they good stewards with their money?
  9. Are they are the confident in who they are?
  10. Do they speak truth in love when their opinion is requested?
  11. Are they dependable?
  12. Do their show gratitude and honesty in their dealings with people or are they dishonest - taking credit for or stealing what isn’t theirs?
  13. Do they seek for clear communication, to ensure their verbal and non-verbal communication is understood and not misunderstood?
  14. Do they learn from their own mistakes?
  15. Are they loyal? Do they stand by others, especially those who are absent?
  16. Are they selfless or do they want something out of your friendship/relationship?
  17. Are they humble? Do they admit their faults and short-comings? Do think they know the answers or do they know they seek for it in others?
  18. Are they accountable?
  19. Are they cooperative? Do they pick fights, push buttons or are they peacemakers, trying to get along with everyone?
  20. Are they kind to others, always taking the higher road or do they repay offenses?


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