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You've Got This, You Are Enough.

Aug 21, 2019

Thursday. Thursday is a big day. Thursday answers THE question. The question that sounds like fingers down a chalkboard, “what’s for dinner?” The question that heaps guilt, and shame, and downright nags when after a long day at work I realize: I need to feed my people.

Thursday brings freedom. Thursday is the day a blue box shows up and puts dinner FOR THE NEXT FOUR DAYS on the porch. Thursday is the day this working mama delegates her shopping to an apron app on her phone and puts a checkmark on her to-do list. Thursday is the day she keeps in control of her chaotic schedule.

Thursday also brings deliverance. Thursday is the day the voices saying, “I am not a good enough mom” are liars. Thursday is the day I’m reminded of the truth that I am a good mom, I am enough, I’ve got it together and I’m doing just fine. And it’s ok if working full time and putting food on the table using a food delivery service is what this season of life looks like right now.

Thursday is the day I WIN at this working mom stuff. And frankly, Thursday is the day that keeps OREOS out of the house because they never made it to the shopping cart.

Keep it up working mamas, you’ve got this.

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