True confidence is knowing who God says you are.


Every problem has possibilities for God to show up and show off.


God uses our process to transform us into the image of Christ.


(pronounced Share-Lynn)

 Most would describe me as an introvert.

I love deep conversations.

My favorite place is curled up in the corner of the couch. You'll find me there in the mornings with a pen, my journal, and Bible.

I drink tea (not coffee) and have an entire kitchen drawer filled with options.

I am a wife and the mom of 2 teenage girls, 2 dogs, and a bearded dragon.

My life is a testimony of the transformation work of Jesus.

I vulnerably share my process, and I don't sugarcoat the struggles.

Join me on a journey of kingdom confidence.



I was raised in a Christian home and accepted Jesus at a young age. I had a relationship with God and served as a worship leader in the church, but something was missing.

I was successful in my corporate job, operating in my strengths, gifts, and abilities. But something was missing.

I married a wonderful man, and we started our family. But something was missing.

My identity was tied to what I did, which wasn't going well.

I was overwhelmed, burnt out, emotionally drained, and spiritually empty.

I was a people pleaser.



God was inviting me deeper, asking me to let go of who I thought I was, everything I had earned and achieved, and trade it for something better.


I had clenched fists.

But I was grasping on to lies and false beliefs, letting the lesser things define my happiness.

It was painful, and I lost things I loved.

A job lay-off. My father's death of cancer. And the betrayal of a friend.

A move to a new city was isolating and lonely.

We sold almost everything we owned.

This was pruning and wilderness. And I didn't like it. No one does.

But, the wilderness taught me complete surrender and total dependence on God.



Now my life is different. Instead of the confidence defined by the world, I live in Kingdom Confidence -- rooted in who God says I am.

My people-pleasing days are over. Instead, it's now redirected to pursuing what God asks of me.

And the dependence I once had on my strengths, gifts, and abilities now takes a backseat to being fully empowered by the Holy Spirit to do what He's called me to do.

When trials come, and they do, I choose to fiercely trust in the promises of God, boldly declaring them out loud. 


As I reflect on this work with God, I am grateful!

I am not the same woman, wife, and mother I was. I like to joke that my husband has been married to 3 different versions of me. Thankfully, he likes this one best. And I'm the mom I hoped I would be.


If you are ready to walk in Kingdom Confidence, I can lead the way.

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