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Are you struggling with the pressures of life?  Does it feel like you are living in chaos?

  • Are you on the verge of burnout as you balance work and family?
  • Are you stressed out about not having enough time to get it all done?
  • Do you wonder "am I doing this mom thing right"?
  • Have you ever compared yourself to someone else who you think has it all together?
  • Are you NOT doing enough to take care of yourself?
  • Are you lacking clarity in your life?
  • Are you confused on how to leverage your strengths and guard against struggles?
  • Are you paralyzed by a major decision or needed transition?

There are many people like you, facing these same struggles and as a result, your mind is not at rest, your spirit is in upheaval, your body is fatigued, your relationships are strained and there is little time for taking care of yourself or even doing what is important to you.

What would you like to achieve?

Life Balance

Often the demands of home, work, and life become a balancing act. Not only is it possible to do it all, you can do it well. Knowing how is the key to moving you from overwhelm to overflow.

Life Change

Whether it's a new job, new city, or new stage in life, change is hard. And it often comes with obstacles you did not anticipate. Knowing what to expect and preparing for what you can't will help you transition well.

Life Empowered

Empowered living is all about using your strengths, skills, talents and abilities to help you be successful. Knowing how you were created helps you avoid comparison and be who you were made to be. YOU.

Who is Cherlyn Decker?

Cherlyn Decker is a life coach and spiritual director from Denver, CO who doesn't just coach and teach busy women how to transform their lives -- she has gone through transformation herself. 

She was a BURNT OUT WORKING MOM who hit rock bottom. Her law degree, corporate job and leadership position did not equal the happiness and identity she desired. Instead of joy, she was a people pleasing workaholic who suffered from mommy guilt and walked through life with misguided purpose and false confidence. She was spiritually empty, emotionally drained, and sleepless. 

After a very painful process of transformation she started a business to help other busy women transform their chaotic lives; and she now coaches and teaches women all over the world how to find identity, purpose and peace, develop personal, professional and spiritual gifts, and have time to invest in others - neighbors, friends and family

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The Results Cherlyn's Clients Are Getting

"What a blessing working with Cherlyn has been for me over the past year in a half. Truly I can not imagine what my life would be like without her life coaching. I was a mess of overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed with a combination of the cross country move, career change, explosion of my business, and life in general. I am a different woman, wife, mom, friend and leader today. "

Jillian M, Arizona

"I worked for Cherlyn and it was a very rewarding experience.  She wasn’t just a supervisor, she was a coach and a people builder.  She always set a good example as a leader and provided extensive and constructive feedback with the goal of making her team members stronger.  Rarely do you ever meet someone who is genuinely interested in seeing others be their own personal best.  She helped me increase my skillset and set the right goals. She challenges people to exceed their goals and encourages confidence in her employees and clients."

Stephanie M, Virginia

"When I found out about Cherlyn Decker’s coaching business I knew I needed a change in my life, but wasn’t sure if it was really SO bad that I needed a coach.  I also had never known the real purpose of a “Life Coach” anyway, I mean, don’t we all just go through life the same and just deal with it?  Still, I felt just the right amount of overwhelmed that I figured it couldn’t hurt.  Looking back, God knew exactly where I needed to be, what I needed to hear, and the help I needed at just the right time."

Allison B, Virginia

"Cherlyn is great and I chose well!  I really liked her, she was warm, approachable and very professional. Having someone listen to you without interruption for the coaching time, the focus is just on you, (although this can be a bit intimidating and feels 'selfish' at times).  I loved the fact that she not only listened to God but had real prophetic senses that spoke to me and this enabled the coaching process to go deep - that part was very life giving to me, and I had revelation in several of the sessions because of this, that have helped with the situations I brought for coaching. I know I could have talked about anything, Cherlyn was a really non-judgemental."

Anne S, United Kingdom

"Cherlyn, Thank you for your friendship and willingness to be used by God as a coach! Christ used you to guide me out of my own Egypt."

Karen B, New York

"The most valuable aspect of the coaching process was to have someone with whom to verbally process the goings on of life and decisions to be made. I struggled with maintaining a good rhythm of work and rest, sleep, nutrition, exercise, fun, and trying to catch up and keep up with work especially in the face of unexpected demands of work. There seems to have been a lot in the past year. Cherlyn asked questions that made me look at it all from a different perspective. Then when I am verbally processing, I will say something without realizing it, that clarifies or opens up the insight. God used Cherlyn to point it out so I do not just go on processing and miss it. Her questions to move me into a deeper awareness of an issue. To have the feedback of an active listener pointing out body language and other clues that pointed to either a sense of resolution, decision, peace, joy. Cherlyn was not put off by my emotions. She was present, tuned in, flexible, and very encouraging every time. I appreciated that very much. She recognized and helped me focus on what did seem uppermost in my concerns in the session. She remembered and reminded me of significant insights/statements from previous sessions that would shed light on the immediate session. Cherlyn asked good questions that forced me to think deeply."

Wanda T, Russia

"Cherlyn always seems to come into my life when I need a message.  Without her and her encouragement I would never have been as successful and confident as I am now.  She had patience and is an excellent teacher, mentor and motivator and I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with and learn from her."

Dotti M, Maryland

"I had the privilege and blessing of being coached by Cherlyn for a short while and it made such a huge difference. Multiple times I came to her with sensitive issues that were weighing me down and in which I was so confused and stuck and deeply desired for clarity and truth. After and hour with Cherlyn I felt the weight lifted and I had gained deep understanding with the Lord (thanks to Cherlyn always bringing Him into our sessions) about what was going on, what needed to be fixed and where to go next. Cherlyn isn’t just a woman of deep understanding as proverbs 20:5 says, but she is also a great accountability partner who will help you develop a plan for change and keep you accountable to doing it. She is such a skilled coach and an incredible woman, I highly recommend her to any woman I know who is wanting to partner with the Lord and a coach to make some real change in their life for the good."

Lauren L, Canada

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How would you like to wake up tomorrow with a growing sense of peace!  A confidence in your ability , to know you are the best person you can be, to have enough time to do what's best for your kids, your spouse, your employer and yourself,  to fully use all your strengths, your skills and habits to your advantage.  What would that look like? The possibilities are endless.  The time to act is now. Are you ready? Contact me today to schedule a free one-on-one inquiry session.

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