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Hi I'm Cherlyn

I'm so glad you are here!

Really I am.

Whatever circumstances brought you to my website, I want you to know something. You are not alone. Not even close.

I was there too. I was facing some difficult circumstances where I needed to see God move. In my marriage. In my family. In my finances. In my work. In my health. I needed God to divinely move in all of it.

And He Did. I believe God has joined our journeys because He has shown me something that can help you, right where you are, right now.

You can transform your struggle into strength, and we can do it together.

New Declarations Are Here!


Does it feel like you are living in CHAOS?

struggling with the pressures of life,

barely keeping it together,

losing the grip on all you are juggling, and

on the verge of burnout.


Do you wonder

are you too stressed,


or if you've got anxiety?


Do you question

whether you are good enough,

if you are messing up this working mom thing?

Do you worry what people think?


Do you hide

what is really going on, and

stuffing your feelings, even from the ones you love?

Do you secretly feel like you could lose everything?


Do you feel

paralyzed by your circumstances or frozen by fear?

Have you found yourself saying "I can't do this anymore" or



You are not alone.

You can do this. I can help. I've helped hundreds of women - just like you - who are all battling the chaos in their life and facing these same struggles.

You Can Make the Chaos Stop!

When walls of water are crashing down around you and feel like you are sinking.  

You need a life line.

Here it is.

Declarations changed everything for me.

This was my first step to calming the storm.

This was the beginning of my breakthrough and it can be yours too.

With this declaration you will:

  • Find the strength you need before you break
  • Grab control before everything falls apart. 
  • Be empowered and gain confidence to keep going.
  • And get the hope you need to live the life you were created for.

FREE: A Declaration to begin your breakthrough, today!

"Declarations changed everything for me." ~ Cherlyn Decker

You deserve a life that is chaos free. A life filled with purpose and direction. It's your time now. You've been putting everyone else first. Now it's time for you.


I'm Cherlyn Decker 

That picture was my corporate head shot. I was a people pleasing workaholic.  A corporate executive who suffered from mommy guilt and walked through life with misguided purpose and false confidence.

I was spiritually empty, emotionally drained, and sleepless. 

Then I was laid off and hit rock bottom.

And realized, this was not the life I wanted.

This was not the American dream. This was a nightmare.

This trial was painful but it transformed me.

It was getting through it where I learned how to triumph.

I've come out the other side a warrior.

I know how to fight back, how to overcome. How to breakthrough the chaos spinning in my life. 

I am now a better wife, a better mom and a better leader.

Now as a life coach and spiritual director, I teach Christian women - just like you - how to turn the storms of life into a strength that propels them into purpose with new found confidence and peace.

Want to see if Cherlyn can help you?

How would you like to wake up tomorrow with a growing sense of peace!  A renewed confidence in yourself, to know you are the best person you are enough.  What would that look like? The time to act is now. Contact Cherlyn today to schedule a free one-on-one inquiry session to explore coaching.

Real Clients. Real Results.

"Truly I can not imagine what my life would be like without Cherlyn. I was a mess of overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed with a combination of the cross country move, career change, explosion of my business, and life in general. I am a different woman, wife, mom, friend and leader today. "

Jillian M, Arizona

"Cherlyn is a people builder.  Rarely do you ever meet someone who is genuinely interested in seeing others be their own personal best.  She helped me increase my confidence and skill set while also challenging me to set the right goals and exceed them."

Stephanie M, Virginia

"I knew I needed a change in my life, but wasn’t sure if it was really SO bad that I needed a coach.  I also had never known the real purpose of a “Life Coach” anyway, I mean, don’t we all just go through life the same and just deal with it?  Still, I felt just the right amount of overwhelmed that I figured it couldn’t hurt.  Looking back, God knew exactly where I needed to be, what I needed to hear, and Cherlyn was the help I needed at just the right time."

Allison B, Virginia

"Having someone listen to you with the focus just on you feels selfish. But Cherlyn is warm, approachable and very professional. She not only listened to God but had real prophetic senses that gave me deep revelation which was very life giving. I know I could have talked about anything, Cherlyn was a really non-judgemental."

Anne S, UK

"Christ used Cherlyn to guide me out of my own Egypt."

Karen B, New York

"I struggled with maintaining good rhythms especially in the face of unexpected demands. Cherlyn gave me a different perspective that brought clarity, deeper thinking and awareness of what was really going on."

Wanda T, Russia

"Without Cherlyn and her encouragement I would never have been as successful and confident as I am now."

Dotti M, Maryland

"I had sensitive issues that were weighing me down. I was so confused and stuck, deeply desiring clarity and truth. After and hour with Cherlyn I felt the weight lifted and I had gained deep understanding with the Lord. Cherlyn saw what was going on, what needed to be fixed and where I needed to go next. As Proverbs 20:5 says, Cherlyn is a woman of deep understanding."

Lauren L, Canada

My Book and Study Guide Is On Amazon!

We are all hit by struggles in life - trials, transitions, and things that didn't go according to plan. The difference is what we do with them. Being laid off was NOT in my plan, but God used it, and through it I found my strength and purpose. I'm so excited to share the story of what God did with you. ROAR Back: Transforming Struggles Into Strength is available on Amazon (or get a signed copy using the button below).



Announcing My Newest Series: 10-Days of Declarations for Your Finances is Here!

We've all had moments where we need to see God provide in looks different for all of us:

  • maybe things are tight right now and we need a little extra; or
  • maybe the financial pressure is building, the bills are piling up or we're being harrassed with one thing breaking after another; or
  • maybe there's something big he's called us to do and we don't see how we can afford to say 'YES'.

We need to learn how to pray - how to declare over our finances.

This 10-day guide provides daily verses and declarations specifically focused on finances. Get yours now using the button below.

Get the 10-Day Declarations

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Do you have an audience of Christian working women who would love to hear Cherlyn's story and get practical tips on how to to turn their struggles into strength? Get in touch with Cherlyn today.



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