Hope and Faith: When the ROAR Back is Stronger than Your Fear

struggle to strength Oct 15, 2021

In our eyes, it’s never a good time to go through hardships in life. Oftentimes, we have our sights set on this plan we created for ourselves and we work so hard for that goal. Then God calls us into something else that differs from that plan, which typically requires us to have hope and faith that our next chapter will be extraordinary.

Take it from me, a woman who felt crippled by my corporate job loss. I collapsed into my chair when I got the call that my position was no longer needed and began to spiral down the endless thoughts behind the question, “Now what!?” There were so many pieces of my life relying on this job that I thought I was meant to do.

When something like this happens, we go through this state of grief. I went through all the stages: disbelief/denial, anger, worry/depression, and then finally acceptance. It was not an easy transition to go through by any means. However, it did bring me to where I am today.

In my darkest hour, I was being invited into something greater than I had planned for myself. It was during this time that I needed to dig deep within myself to have hope and faith that this next chapter was going to be my best yet. Maybe life wasn’t going the way I had planned, but that just meant I needed to trust in God for something even better.

What is Hope and Faith?

Hope is a trustful expectation. This expectation is the fulfillment of God’s promises. It is believing that although something in our life feels like it is the end, we have the confidence that what God has done for us in the past promises our participation in what He will do in the future.

Faith is trusting in God. Although we may not physically be able to see His plan for us, we trust that He’s got us.

Through His plan, we will have the confidence and trust in Him to guide us to our purpose.

Together, hope and faith breathe life back into us. When we are in a time of complete overwhelm, frustration, and facing obstacles, that is when we have to look to Him for guidance. It’s during that time that we must have hope and faith over fear.

When ROARing Back Wins

My ROAR Back method is designed to give you an immediate win by identifying where you can take action when the walls are falling down all around you. My method covers how to Respond, Overcome obstacles, Apply, and Reveal your testimony.

Roaring back doesn’t mean we have given up. It means we stand up and face our circumstances with confident boldness.  It means we choose to stand in victory before victory is here. 

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” -Isaiah 41:10

1. How should I respond instead?

The most natural way we respond to the chaos that uproots our world is to react, usually by panicking, isolating ourselves, getting angry, and even a little mouthy. Our emotions take control and we act in a superficial way. 

But what if how you responded to this chaos could cause your circumstance to change? Create that momentum from the get-go and ROAR back with your response. Use declarations and decrees, praise, and gratitude.

Declarations and decrees help us stop trying to fix it in our power and instead, speak what God has already said or promised about it. Using the two together, we pull on our promises of God until they become reality. Declarations and decrees take the pressure off of us and instead forces us to focus on what God has already said or promised. This is the time when we tell our circumstances that they must change.

2. What do I do about obstacles?

Obstacles will present themselves in nearly all aspects of life. Will you choose to lay down and give up when an obstacle gets put in your path? Or will you strategize how you will overcome it? 

The best part is that God has already equipped us with the tools necessary to face these obstacles head on. He saw them coming and He is cheering us on when we get to them. He is there each step of the way.

If you choose to be an overcomer of your obstacles, then you are choosing to put up your shield to protect yourself from all. That shield is your faith. How powerful you will be when you hold strong and hold fast to the word of God and His promises.

In those moments, you have to choose to have hope and faith that you can overcome the obstacles in your way because God already said it and His word is absolute.

3. How do I apply the ROAR method?

The very first thing you can do is to recall and remember the seasons of life that you have faced and the challenges you have already overcome. You can then apply those lessons to the current struggles you are facing.

Use the breadcrumbs you’ve left behind in your life to lead you to your solutions in the present. We also have to apply the lessons we learned to remember to let go of the negative things in our story. When we try to hold onto those negative things, we are causing ourselves more harm than good.

Apply the ROAR method one step at a time. Recall where you once were to where you are now in your journey.

4. Now what!?

When you decide to ROAR back, you choose to not play the victim card when an unexpected life event occurs. Instead, you choose to hold onto hope and faith that the Lord is guiding you through things you have not yet seen, but only He has. You are choosing to trust and believe in Him.

To ROAR back means you are dedicated and willing to make the change you need in your life with God by your side cheering you on. And if you’re not yet sure how to do this, it would be my pleasure to personally guide you. As a spiritual director, I have led many through their challenges to find strengths in their struggles.

Get a Breakthrough Transformation with my ROAR Back Method

Take a stand and believe in yourself just as God believes in you. He knows what you are up against and He knows you are equipped to handle it. Lean on Him and ROAR back when life attempts to bully you.

If you’re in a place where you are stuck spiraling with the thought “Now what!?” then you can take action today to transform your circumstances with just one phone call with me. I know you desire that peace and confidence within yourself and you can have that if you choose to ROAR back.

Use my ROAR Back book to further explore how to implement my method. Trust in God and continue living in faith that He has a plan for you. His word is true over all things. Let Him in, accept His plans, apply your experiences, and ROAR.


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