What Do You Want God To Do For You?

prayer that works Jan 05, 2022
I recently took a group of women through a powerful experience on goal setting.  Wait, before you close this blog thinking, no thanks, this isn't for me, or I've already set my goals, please, keep reading.
These women knew what to do.  They knew about SMART goals, they get a "word" for the year to anchor them, and they reevaluate their life wheel to see what needs realignment.
But as I asked God what he had for these women, something different emerged.
He had an invitation, and I believe this is for you (and me) too.
He asked, "What would you like me to do for YOU this year?"
I pressed, God, this question is not goal-oriented.
Yet he gently repeated, "What would you like me to do for YOU this year?"
You see, it had nothing to do with what any of us was going to accomplish this year.  Not at all.
Instead, God was asking what He could do.
What makes this so new?  After all, we're used to bringing God our list of things we need (and want) in prayer.  And we know God already knows what we need (Matthew 6:8).  We know not to worry (Matthew 6:25) and cast our cares on him (Psalms 55:22).  So what makes this question different?
I wanted to know too.  And I got the nudge to read about Bartimaeus.
In Mark Chapter 10, Blind Bartimaeus hears Jesus is coming, so he begins to shout, to cry out, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!" And Jesus stops, calls him near, and says to him, 'What do you want Me to do for you?'
There's our question.  The exact one God had asked me to consider.
Bartimaeus responds, 'Rabbi, let me recover my sight."
He didn't have to mull it over; he had already considered.  He knew.  He said to himself, "if I ever run across Jesus, THIS is what I want."
It might seem obvious.
Come on, Cherlyn, he's blind, so of course, he wants his sight.
But Jesus didn't assume.  Instead, he wanted Bartimaeus to ask.
How often do we NOT ask God for things because we think it is obvious?
Yet what happened to Bartimaeus?
After he asked, he immediately received his sight.
Going into this year, I felt an intentional invitation for us to ask God what we want him to do for us.  Because what if what is waiting for us is an IMMEDIATELY.
But there is one more thing.
Jesus tells Bartimaeus, "your faith has healed you."
Jesus tells him, and he tells us it will take our faith to do it.
We can't just willy-nilly ask.  There has got to be something inside of us that knows this is so BIG, so huge, that it would change our life if it happened.
And we have to have the boldness to cry out, shout to God and ask for it.
And we have to activate our faith and believe that God will do it.
So I want to invite you to consider what you want God to do for you this year?
Don't limit it.  Go big, ask yourself:
  • How do you want to grow in your relationship with Him?
  • What do you want him to do in your family, in your health, in your finances?
  • What do you want him to do at work?
  • What do you want him to do in your city, state (province), or nation?
Let me pray for you.
God, you are a good, good Father, and you have pulled us near today and whispered, my child, what do you want me to do for you.  I thank you for this invitation to partner with you in this process.  Thank you for showing us how Bartimaeus considered this question in advance so that we may too.  Speak to our hearts, let us ask BIG because you can do all things; nothing is impossible for you, God.  Amen.
Here's to bold asking!
P.S. One thing I'm asking for is healing in my ears.  I spent years as a worship leader, and my ears are damaged from being unprotected.  So, on my list is asking God for the complete restoration of my hearing.  I'd love to hear what you are asking God for so I can stand in faith to ask with you.  Share yours in the comments below.


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