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Learning How to Partner with God's Spring Cleaning

Apr 16, 2021

Yesterday, we pulled the first Spring weeds: dandelions, purslane, and thistle. We raked out dead leaves and cut back the grasses, sage, and junipers. Dead and brittle branches were cut off trees.

Early spring can still look barren. And pruning before you see growth seems senseless. At least that’s true for me. 

It isn’t fun to partner with God this season, seeing so much more of me cut back and cut off. Tending to a garden of dead things. 

“Seriously, God. We’ve done so much work, in this area and that; it would be nice to see some fruit.”

Lovingly He speaks, "I am the Gardener. I cut off every branch in you that bears no fruit, and every branch that does bear fruit I prune so that it will be even more fruitful" (John 15:1-2).

He’s teaching me through this garden labor; just like my landscaping needed spring cleaning, so does my heart. He’s showing me the clutter from my winter season. And dealing with anything that could choke out new growth. 

He sees the seeds below the surface, he sees them ready to sprout. He knows how tender this newness will be and how it needs a place to thrive.


I begin to cry. God, I’ve not seen thriving in so long. It’s been surrender and survival. Letting go and putting it all on the altar.

What does it look like to thrive?

I don’t know, but my vinedresser does. The Father who loves me so much is tending to my heart to prepare me for what is coming. New growth.

As I haul trash bags full brush to the curb, He hauls out lies and false beliefs. As I dug out dead plants and encroaching grass, He uproots hurt and pain. Anything lifeless from the last season had to go.

Today, I’m doing two things: sitting with my journal as God spring cleans my heart, and ordering new front yard mulch.

How are you preparing for the next season of growth? What clutter needs to be cleaned out of your heart? What lies and mindsets need to be hauled away?

~ Cherlyn

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