What comes out of your mouth is a reflection of what is in your heart.

struggle to strength Feb 16, 2021
We couldn't help but hear the huffing and the puffing behind us as my daughters and I stood in line at Kohl's to make an Amazon return.
This older gentleman was at the kiosk and he couldn't figure out how to find the bar code he needed to make his return. You know the one, it is the QR code that comes in an email from Amazon. And if you're lucky enough to have a good cellular signal inside the store you can actually bring it up and show it to the clerk.  Well, this man didn't know how to find his code, he didn't know how to search his phone for the email and there was a LONG line of irritated shoppers behind him. There were mumbles and snarky comments coming out of the mouths of those who waited.
Not me. Not my girls. We watched with appreciation as this young kid, maybe in his 20s, helped this older man operate his iPhone. He helped him find the Gmail app and search for 'Amazon'. He showed him now to open the mail and demonstrated how to pinch his fingers, put them on the screen and then open them to make the image bigger.  I watched as this young man served this older man with patience. The older man was so grateful. I was grateful, my eyes filled with tears and my heart with appreciation for how this older gentleman was treated with such respect.
I was second in line behind this man, when it was my turn, I thanked him. I thanked him for being so respectful, for his kindness and patience in helping an elderly man with his return. 
You see it is out of the abundance of our heart the mouth speaks. If there is irritation inside our heart it bubbles out and spills out on other people. And if it had a smell, that irritation would have been stinky.
Thankfully, something else filled the atmosphere. The kindness of this young man released such a sweetness. And so did our gratitude.
Let me ask you...what fragrance are you filling the atmosphere with? What is bubbling out of your heart and spilling out of your mouth? Does it smell sweet or stinky?
Here's why this matters. If you can't handle these little situations, then when life throws you a big curveball and you're in the trial of your life, then your response to that will be rotten too and your reaction will delay your breakthrough.
If you would have responded with irritation or if you wonder if your mouth is delaying your breakthrough in the bigger struggles of life, then you may want to see if my new book study would help. Message me and let’s chat about it and see if it’s a fit for you. 


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