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Into the Unknown

Apr 15, 2020

Does this crisis feel like we’re in the middle of the unknown? 

From the corner of my eye, I caught my daughter dancing in the kitchen as she puts away dishes. She’s leaping and sliding across the floor with glasses, and plates, and silverware.  With headphones on, she is unaware she has an audience. I see her take a deep breath, filling her lungs with air just before she belts out:  “Into the Unknown, Into the Unknown, Oh-oh-oh-oh, into the unknown.”  She spins and stops with huge eyes locked on me questioning how long I’d been watching. Then, she bows.  Oh, that kid.

“Into the Unknown” is the song from Disney’s new Frozen 2. We find Elsa standing in the darkness, it is beckoning her to step into the unknown, towards something that is calling her. 

She must face her fears. 

She must trust she will be ok.

The unknown will answer questions of her identity

The unknown holds her destiny only if she’s brave enough to follow it and find it. 

Same with us. This current crisis, this virus, is showing us things about ourselves. 

We’re facing our fears.

We must trust we will be ok.

There are answers to our identity and keys to our destiny to find here if we will be brave enough to follow it and find it.

Unlike my daughter dancing in the kitchen, not everyone is excited about going into the unknown. In Frozen 2, Elsa sure isn’t. And some of us are struggling too. 

Just this week here are some of the messages I received:

  • "All of this is so unprecedented and unpredictable"
  • “The world is just crazy right now, it’s confusing.”
  • “I’m not handling it well at all”
  • "It is hard to not have face to face contact, so weird”
  • "There’s such fear and anxiety over people”
  • "Life is a true roller coaster ride of emotions right now."

Can I encourage you, you’re not alone. 

This is something none of us have seen before and we’re all doing the best we can to just hang on and make it through it. 

But I don’t just want us to hang on and make it through it. I want us to find something in it. I want us to FIND HOPE IN IT.

HOPE = a belief, to trust with confidence that things will turn out for the best, favorable and confident expectation

Hebrews 6:19 says, "hope is an anchor for the soul, firm and secure"

Psalms 33:20 says "we wait in hope for the Lord, he is our help and our shield."

Hope means we KNOW GOD WILL show up. He will provide, he will protect, and he will defend us.

This current crisis didn’t surprise God, he saw it coming. And before there was a problem he had a provision. Before there was a struggle there was a solution. Before there was a crisis he already had a course of action. 

He’s got the answer already, he’s got our provision already, he’s got our protection already. 

God has got it and I can rest in that which brings stability to this uncertainty. 

So maybe we can be excited about going into the unknown.  Maybe we’ll even dance in the kitchen while we put away dishes.

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