Would I grumble and complain? Would I start my day like that?

struggle to strength Feb 21, 2021
I'll never forget the morning I heard John Bevere give this analogy. I was listening to a podcast and putting my makeup on. As soon as he uttered these words, it was an 'OH SNAP' moment. (Can we even use that phrase anymore?).
Then it quickly turned into an OH CRAP moment as I realized that I had over squeezed the tube of my foundation and it got all over my shirt. And it also afforded me the instant opportunity to practice what I had just heard. Would I grumble and complain? Would I start my day like that?
Nope...I changed my shirt and squeezed some Spray'n'Wash on the other one.
How often do you grumble and complain? Do you even realize it?  Do you even care?
Well, I know of an entire generation of Israelites who missed out on the things God promised them because of their complaining.
I don't want to miss out on what God has promised me, do you?
Let me challenge you to pay attention to how you react to things throughout your day.  Take note of how often you grumble and complain. Catch yourself. And
ask for God to help you stop. Get yourself one of those swear jars, you know the one, the one "people" put a dollar into every time "they" curse.
Better yet...if you want to change the way you react, for good, then you might want to message me to see if joining the discussion on my new book ROAR Back would be a good fit for you. Message me and we can chat about it.


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