We can GO with what God has said.

growing in god Mar 19, 2021
I don’t know about you, but I’ve messed up more things being out of step with God and outside His timing. What helps me is the verse, where Moses requests, “Lord, if your presence is not with me do not send me.” I use God's presence as my traffic signal, GO-YIELD-STOP.
When this is our heart God is pleased, and he loves us too much to let us miss our green light. We know it when we speed through a yellow or outright run the red. When we're being disobedient, we do it on purpose.
But here's where we get tripped up, when we’re so desperate to do things in God’s timing, then the enemy begins to whisper, "Cherlyn, you're getting ahead of God."
And then we, or at least, I slink back and hesitate. Frozen. Unable to move forward without another confirmation. Don't get me wrong, I don't move forward without KNOWING, but continuing to ask, is unnecessary. We can GO with what God has said.
Just this week I had a client say, "I don't want to get ahead of God." And I heard something in her tone and inflection. I asked, "when you hear that in your spirit, what does the voice sound like? "Does it sound gentle, like the Father, full of his love for you? Or does it sound like the accuser? Do you hear love or shame? Do you hear Gentleness or a jerk?"
It was that jerk, that same slimy serpent who had Eve question what God really said. It was the voice of the enemy trying to hold her back. We called him out on his lie, told him his voice was not welcome here. Then, we brought the plans to the Lord and asked what God was saying. Such beautiful clarity came, peace was present, and hesitation left.
Let me encourage you. Do not let the enemy bring up your past patterns of getting ahead of God. The Holy Spirit is in you and will gently correct you if you get off course. BUT if the correction sounds like condemnation, if it sounds like shame, sweet friend, it isn't God.
**if you need help recognizing the voice of the accuser and the voice of God, then I can help. Email me or message me over social media, and let’s see if coaching and getting spiritual clarity on your next step would be helpful.


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