Who God Says I Am Checklist

A job layoff rocked my world. I was shaken and lost. I didn't know who I was anymore, and I didn't recognize myself in the mirror.

The world tells us to define ourselves by looking to external things - our relationships, jobs, financial success, accomplishments, and strengths. But those things shift and change. They leave us empty.

We need to know what God says about us.

Thankfully, He tells us in his Word, but it can be hard to find all those verses when we're struggling to know who we are. And I didn't have the time to be flipping around in my Bible, hoping I would land on the right scriptures. I needed His affirmations, NOW.

We need verses all in one place.

Then I remembered my journal. Because as God began to rebuild my identity, I wrote down the scriptures He gave me, and there on the tear-stained pages was the answer I needed.

I took all of those verses and made a list of Who God Says I Am.

I want to put this list in your hands because these verses were God's gift to me, and I pray they become His gift to you too. Enjoy!

Get the list of 80+ things God says about who you are!