Do you need clarity & wisdom?


Decisions, decisions.

You are stressing.

You have prayed, but it seems God isn't listening.

You know God has an answer, but you haven't heard a thing. 

You lack clarity and just want some direction.

You need to give it to God, but you don't know how.

You don't have the words.


Which Direction Do You Go?

It's unclear.

You feel lost and uncertain

You wonder, 'where is the next step'?

You thought you were going in the right direction, then doors shut in your face.


You are not alone. 

I've been there too. I was in your shoes.

I needed direction,

and clarity,

and wisdom


This prayer pack can help. 

These prayers are from the pages of my journal.

And God answered.

He gave me clarity and wisdom.

And He will give it to you too.


You can find the path. 

If you don't have the words, or

if your prayers need kicked up a notch, then

this prayer pack will help you connect with God and find the path you need.


Get the prayer pack.

And get on with your journey.

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Our Most Popular Prayer Packs

These 5 Declarations are our most requested prayer packs.

*NOTE: If you have our 5 Declaration Bundle Pack these are included* 

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$10.00 USD

Real People, Real Stories.

These prayers are making an impact in the lives of real women - just like you. 

Tera N


I was frozen and didn't know how to pray, these prayer packs gave me the words. Thank you!

Lisa M


The Lord has been moving in my husband, he's responding, and we're talking everyday. Praise God!

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