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The answer to anxiety

My daughter walked into my home office with her latest creation, a homemade caramel iced latte from our kitchen coffee pot, the basic one not the one with all those fancy pods. Beaming with pride she sipped on this sweetness and described how she cracked the recipe code: just the right amount of syrup, and coffee, and milk. How the whipped cream and chocolate drizzle mimicked the one from the boutique coffee shop down the street. 
In her excitement I noticed something... her hands were shaky, and so were her feet. 
After celebrating with her for finally finding the perfect ratio I grinned and said, "I think your missing one thing."
She looked at me curiously as to what could be missing from this decadence her lips slurped through the straw.
“Your breakfast. You're wobbly and that tells me you didn’t eat.“
"Oh? yeah." She laughed.
We walked back to the kitchen together and I made her scrambled eggs and toast.
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Into the Unknown

Does this crisis feel like we’re in the middle of the unknown? 

From the corner of my eye, I caught my daughter dancing in the kitchen as she puts away dishes. She’s leaping and sliding across the floor with glasses, and plates, and silverware.  With headphones on, she is unaware she has an audience. I see her take a deep breath, filling her lungs with air just before she belts out:  “Into the Unknown, Into the Unknown, Oh-oh-oh-oh, into the unknown.”  She spins and stops with huge eyes locked on me questioning how long I’d been watching. Then, she bows.  Oh, that kid.

“Into the Unknown” is the song from Disney’s new Frozen 2. We find Elsa standing in the darkness, it is beckoning her to step into the unknown, towards something that is calling her. 

She must face her fears. 

She must trust she will be ok.

The unknown will answer questions of her identity

The unknown holds her destiny only if...

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Can You Trust Them? 20 Questions to Consider

Earlier this week I shared a FaceBook Live on 3 things you need to know before sharing anything with anyone. If you missed it you can catch it here. And I realized some people may need help deciding WHO is trustworthy. How do you tell if you can trust someone?

Here are 20 Questions To Consider;


  1. Can they keep secrets or do they gossip or share secrets of others? Are they trustworthy or Do they gossip or share secrets of others? - My grandmother was like Fort Knox, you could tell her something and she would lock it away and not open the vault for anyone. No pushing or prodding could get grandma to share anything.
  2. Are they biased or judgmental? Do they judge you or your choices?
  3. Do they respect your boundaries? Or do they push back on the limits you place on them (financially, time, information)?
  4. Are they positive or negative?
  5. Do they have integrity? Does their “yes” mean “yes” and their “no” mean “no” or do they waffle...
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