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Empowering and equipping Christian Women to be the warriors God created them to be so they can face off whatever comes their way with BOLD confidence.

5 Ways To Get Emotional Margin

I remember meeting a colleague for lunch, “I’ve got to get out of here, I’m suffocating” I said through desperate tears. “The environment is sucking the life out of me.” Workplace drama and an unhealthy environment had taken it’s toll. 

There have been a few times in my life where I was in toxic environments, both personally and professionally. Whether it was roommates, colleagues or bosses the environment was emotionally draining. Author Dr Swenson says “To be healthy, we require margin in …emotional energy,” for “when we are emotionally resilient, we can confront our problems with a sense of hope and power. When our emotional reserves are depleted, however, we are seriously weakened.” Have you ever felt seriously weakened? Depleted emotionally?

There’s hope, here are 5 Ways to Get Emotional Margin*:

Envision a better future: Imagining life better in the future is a huge key to making it reality....

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5 Ways to Get More Rest

Earlier this week I shared a FaceBook Live on getting more rest. And as a follow up I wanted to put together a list of things to do to make it happen.

As I looked back over the past two months, I realized I spent a lot of time in rest, forced rest. In August, I began creating my online classes and I worked much more than normal. So, it should not have come to a surprise that I needed more rest. And this month I overdid it again, this time with packing in so many fun activities I didn’t rest. Once I realized it I got intentional and I took a moment to get fully present with myself to reflect on where I needed self-care. And I realized I needed rest.

Conventional advice will tell you to get more rest you will just need to get to bed at a decent hour. "I know, I know.” We say and we don’t do it. This is something that we all know to do and it is harder than it sounds. But often we lay there and can’t sleep so getting more rest when we’re staring at the...

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