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Empowering and equipping Christian Women to be the warriors God created them to be so they can face off whatever comes their way with BOLD confidence.

What if God said, YES?

Summer is in full swing, and that means I'm carting kids off to opposite sides of town for their activities. One such trip was an early morning drop-off for my youngest, and this particular morning my oldest decided to tag along.

We hadn't been on the road for very long, and I had a knowing, you know, the knowing that someone is going to ask you to go to Starbucks.

It was at this knowing that I had already made my decision. Before the question was even asked, I predetermined if I would say yes or no.

I smiled to myself, nearly giggling at my desire to treat them before they even asked.

We ascended the exit ramp, and the green mermaid beckoned.


Not a peep. Nothing from the front seat and nothing from the back.

I was shocked. They didn't ask.

I began to wonder if I got the knowing wrong.

When do they NOT want Starbucks? Are they asleep? Why didn't they ask?

These questions rolled around in my head, and I heard God's inquiry, "why don't you ask me for...

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