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4 Ways to Change Your Thoughts

I was all out of sorts. I wasn't sleeping well, my lower back was cranky, my neck was sore, and I felt like a turtle with my head stuck in tensed-up shoulders. Uncomfortable is an understatement.  But that's what 5 days in the car will do to you.

We had a wonderful time vacationing with friends but the road trip there and back was causing me to question my decision-making. Should we just have flown to Nashville and not driven there from Denver? I mean was 20 hours in the car - each way - worth it?

After that long haul, we all knew what we needed, the chiropractor. We just needed to be adjusted and realigned back to normal.  

Our bodies are amazing creations, it tells us when things are out of whack. And if we listen then we can get the treatment we need.

Our soul (mind, will, and emotions) are the same way, if we know our normal then when thoughts or emotions surface that are off, we can discern it and do something about it.

I'm pretty good at...

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