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Empowering and equipping Christian Women to be the warriors God created them to be so they can face off whatever comes their way with BOLD confidence.

What Do You Want God To Do For You?

I recently took a group of women through a powerful experience on goal setting.  Wait, before you close this blog thinking, no thanks, this isn't for me, or I've already set my goals, please, keep reading.
These women knew what to do.  They knew about SMART goals, they get a "word" for the year to anchor them, and they reevaluate their life wheel to see what needs realignment.
But as I asked God what he had for these women, something different emerged.
He had an invitation, and I believe this is for you (and me) too.
He asked, "What would you like me to do for YOU this year?"
I pressed, God, this question is not goal-oriented.
Yet he gently repeated, "What would you like me to do for YOU this year?"
You see, it had nothing to do with what any of us was going to accomplish this year.  Not at all.
Instead, God was asking what He could do.
What makes this so new?  After all, we're...
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The Signs Of A Change In Season

A robin landed on my fence this morning, it is a beautiful sign of Spring, one I needed. This winter has been fierce with cold temperatures and record-breaking snowfalls.

I'm over it.

Ever been in one of those seasons and you're over it? You can't wait for it to end and the new one to begin?

It's hard not to grumble and complain when our heart is tired of the current season and we eagerly anticipate the next one. Isn't it.

Just this morning, I stood in the shower and had a very raw conversation with the Lord.

I reminded him (as if he needs reminding), that the last few years have been hard, there have been things I've been contending for and, frankly, I'm tired of plowing and planting and not seeing a harvest. Of watching the seeds just die in the ground. I'm tired of the wilderness and its barrenness.

I'm over it.

Yet I declare. I will see the promises of the Lord!

And then I remind him what those promises are; as if he didn't know.

Then, of course, God speaks to my heart right...

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God, what are you doing?

Consider this quote. After all you've been through this past year and ask, "God what are you doing?" Not just in the political landscape, not just in the pandemic, those are important. But what is God doing in you personally, and through you professionally? Have you asked?
I did and it was powerful. Let me tell you what happened.
I knew for God to answer this question we had to deal with all the stuff I was doing. Last year I was doing too much, again. I'm a recovering overachiever after all.
I took a break in January; I needed a detox from all the “doing” and to seek God’s plans for this year. To get away and hear from God, to hear his voice clearly.
"What do you have for me this year, God?"
"Just wait!"
"What does that mean? Wait"
I hate waiting...wait feels like a curse. Anyone else?
Then I felt such a peace wash over me and He then spoke of IMPACT. (Impact is one of my...
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