It’s about the journey, not the destination.

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As Christian women, we want to walk in the purposes and plans God has for us with strong faith, crystal clear clarity and bold confidence.

But it isn't easy is it?

We face fear, rejection, discouragement, doubt, and unbelief.

That's when the journey gets hard and we may want to quit.

I know I've wanted to a few times.

But we gave God our YES.

We know He will lead and guide along the way; and often God uses the wisdom of mentors and coaches.

I'm pretty transparent about my stuff. I share the raw and real with gut-wrenching honesty and don't sugar coat the struggles.

I believe in a limitless God who has His best for us. Every problem has possibilities for God to show up and show off.

I find my hope in Jesus and the pages of the Word of God. When I write or teach, I share the revelation and wisdom I've learned in the hopes you can be empowered, equipped, and encouraged on your own journey.

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I believe true confidence is knowing who God says you are.

As a business strategist and coach, I help Christian women who work in the marketplace connect with God in a new way so that you can:

  • seek His answers (for work or life),
  • find the path forward,
  • fulfill your purpose, and  
  • impact those you are called to serve with bold confidence.

My books, courses, and community will help you operate in Kingdom Confidence and overcome the obstacles in your way.

"Entrepreneurs throw their passion into what they do and how to grow it. I was at a place of feeling overwhelmed and I needed someone on the outside to help me think through it."


"Working with Cherlyn is beyond what I ever thought it would be. I finally feel like I have enough stuff cleared away that I can move forward with the dreams God has given me. It's been amazing."


"A bad work environment crushed my confidence, which is something that never happened to me before. I wasn't able to recognize myself and this is why I reached out to Cherlyn."

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Be empowered, equipped, and encouraged for every stage of the journey.

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