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Let me ask you this...

Do you know who God says you are?

or are you relying on the "wisdom" of the world to define you?

The definitions the world uses leave us empty.

We're told to compare ourselves to others but that gives us low self-esteem. And when circumstances happen that take away everything we've earned and achieved we are left with zero confidence, feeling there is nothing we can do to change it. 

But the world's "wisdom" has been lying to us.


The TRUTH is you are a child of God - fully loved and fully accepted.

You don't have to prove it.

It's not a moving target. It is not conditional. It is not based on your actions or reactions.

And you don't have to do anything to earn it. It's a gift.


God has so much to say about who you are and Cherlyn Decker is passionate about you knowing what He says that is.  

In this online class, Cherlyn combines the truths from God's Word with her experience walking this out herself (and with her clients) so that you can learn not just WHO God says you are but HOW to fully receive it - deep down - so you can get the confidence you need to walk in it.

What you'll learn:

Learn How What God Says Is Different

 The world has a lot to say about who we are, but those things are external. They shift and change and leave us empty. Cherlyn will share who God says you are so you can know the difference.

Learn What Is Keeping You From Believing It

Often we don't believe who God says we are because there is something in the way. What is it? Cherlyn will share the common obstacles so you can stop them from blocking you. 

Learn How To Replace the Lies With Truth

Wouldn't it be nice to know what to do to replace lies with the truth? You will. Cherlyn will cover 3 of the methods, straight from the Word of God, which you can begin to use today. 

Learn How to Walk In All God Says You Are

When going through a class like this, it is essential to ensure you know how to walk this out. Yes, it's hard work but you can do it. Cherlyn will show you what worked for her and invite you to do the same.

Somewhere something went wrong!

Genesis 1:26 says, "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness."

But somewhere along the line, I stopped seeing myself this way, and I began letting the world define me. Things like the positions I held, my job titles, the money I was making, the place I lived, and the things I had.

Even what other people said about me -- their opinions and my reputation - became what I used to sketch the picture of who I was.

But that image shattered on the floor.

A job layoff will do that. And when I couldn't get hired anywhere because every door shut in my face, then my confidence tanked too.

I was broken, lost, and rejected.

I didn't even recognize myself.

That was in 2015. But, in the years since, God has wholly rebuilt who I am.

Instead of the shaky foundation of the world, God used the solid foundation of His Word.

And in the times I couldn't close the gap between my head and my heart, He loved me through it, showing me the lies I believed. And, He was right there telling me His thoughts about me and teaching me how to think those things instead.

The truth of God's Word did its work and set me free.

I am not alone; maybe you need it too.

Here I was hiding the truths of Who God Says I Am in my heart, and God began to burden my heart for the women who don't know who they are.

He showed me a picture.

I saw three beautiful Brides looking at themselves in the mirror.

The first Bride looked in a foggy mirror, and she couldn't see. God spoke to my heart, "She doesn't know who she is."

The second Bride looked in a dirty mirror. God spoke again, "She used to know who she is, but she forgot."

And the third Bride's mirror was broken. God continued, and I heard the sadness in his voice, "This one thinks she's unworthy of who I say she is because of the things she did in her past."

His heart wept, and I heard his assignment, "Cherlyn, these women need to know who they are, and it is time for you to teach them what I taught you."

What I learned and what happened.

Dear sister, things break off when you know who you are because God tells you.

Emptiness breaks off.

Failure breaks off.

Comparison of others breaks off.

People-pleasing breaks off.

Unworthiness breaks off.

We get free of the things that hold us back so

we can walk in confidence.

We step into the promises of God.

We begin to fulfill the purposes and plans God has for us.

God wanted me to share HOW he helped me do this so

you can do it too.

This is for you if: 

  • You have a longing to know Who God Says You Are.
  • You are desperate for the unconditional acceptance and approval that only God can give you.
  • And, you are ready to take off the world's labels and let God define you.

If you resonate with one of these, and you desire to know HOW then this online course is for you.


I have a question for you.

Will you join me? 

After our class, there will be no more lack of knowledge about who God says you are; you will know!

There will be no more wondering if something is blocking you from receiving it; you will know how to spot the obstacles so you can move them out of the way.

And there will be no more uncertainty about how to fully walk in who God says you are because you will have the tools that work and the resources to help you.

Join Me Now for this Online Class.


Who God Says I Am Online Class

In this online class you'll learn:

  • How What God Says Is Different
  • What Is Keeping You From Believing It
  • How To Replace the Lies With Truth
  • How to Walk In All God Says You Are

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This class helped me see Who God Says I Am is all that matters.

~Tracy C.

When Cherlyn spoke over us who God says we are I felt God's love wash over me. I felt special.

~Dotti M.

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