When your present doesn't match God's promises.

Unleash Your R.O.A.R.

Hosted by Cherlyn Decker, speaker, writer, coach and spiritual director.


Unleash Your R.O.A.R.?

What if the key to turning our circumstances around was learning how to roar.

What if the there was a warrior inside of us who just needed to know what to say to our stuff to make it stop.

What if we could make our problems propel us forward.

What if the sound of our voice could bring victory.

What would it look like to unleash a roar that could do that?

Here's the Framework:

R - Respond

Know how to respond when something happens.

O - Overcome

Learn how to overcome the obstacles in our way.

A - Apply

Apply what we've learned from previous seasons.

R - Reveal

Reveal our story of victory with others.

"I was equipped. The next time something hit my life and then when one thing after another piled on. I knew exactly what to do."

Chelsea C.

How do I unleash my R.O.A.R.? 

Find out how to apply this R.O.A.R. framework to your life.

Whether you've just barely survived your trials, gotten through it ok but it could be better, or you could use more ways to be an overcomer. This webinar will help.