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A 6-week Journey to


And Make Sure it Doesn't Come Back.

Chaos hits us all.

Merriam Webster defines chaos as a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order; any confused, disorderly mass. 

Sound familiar? Life is going along just fine and you've got it all together, when out of no where something comes that spins your life out of control. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE and you find yourself losing the grip on all you were juggling. For the first time ever you're a hot mess who is barely keeping it together and if you don't get control NOW then you're going to lose your ever-loving mind. There are too many people counting on you.

You ask yourself, what is happening? What's wrong with me? Am I too stressed? Am I depressed? Do I have anxiety? Am I going crazy? Whatever it is, you do know one thing: YOU DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS.

Sure, you've prayed about it, but your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling and you wonder, GOD, WHERE ARE YOU? AND WHY AREN'T YOU DOING SOMETHING?

You are worried about what people will think and you know no one will understand, so you stuff your feelings and keep it all inside. Yet under the surface you're devastated, disappointed, you feel weak. Thoughts come in telling you: "You're a failure," and "You are not enough." You feel powerless and wonder if the problem is insolvable.

Both your confidence and your faith are shaky. You're all of a sudden angry and over anxious about everything. As you grab for control, trying to fix it you're just making it worse. Fear sets in and you feel trapped, as you realize you could lose everything.

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Cherlyn's Story

You can do this and I can help.


"These circumstances, these trials, these storms of life cannot be avoided, oh I wish they could. But, how we survive one round of chaos is an indicator of how we will survive the next one. " ~ Cherlyn Decker

What is it:

Whether you’ve only had to get control of the little stuff or whether you’ve had to tame a tornado, you can stop the chaos in its tracks and make sure it never comes back.

The “Stop the Chaos” program was designed to help women, just like you, to get control and bring back order.

In this 6-week program you will :

  • Conquer the chaos;
  • Discover the purpose for it; and
  • Become confident and empowered for whatever comes next.

You deserve live a life that is chaos free, a life that is filled with peace and direction. It’s your time now, you’ve been putting everyone else first. Now it is time to put you first.


What is included:

  • Training and Coaching: Cherlyn will personally guide you through the 'Stop the Chaos' curriculum and provide live group coaching where she will help you apply the material. 
  • Curriculum Guide, Worksheets and Assessments: You will get everything you need in the way of materials, worksheets and self-assessments to guide your journey to stopping the chaos in your own life.
  • Accountability:  Yes, you could do this on your own, but you need accountability. On the weeks we do not have training, there will be live Q&A calls to answer your questions and keep you moving forward.

And Bonuses like:

  • Individualization: As part of this program, Cherlyn is giving you a private one-on-one session with her. 
  • Private Community Group: You will not journey alone, you will be invited to interact with our group through a private Facebook page where we can encourage and support one another throughout the week and infinitely after completion of the program.
  • Recordings: If you have to miss a week or want to listen to it again it both the teaching sessions and the coaching will be recorded and you will be provided access to those.
  • On-going Support: After graduation you will get quarterly one-on-one sessions with Cherlyn.
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How to Sign Up:

  • The Stop the Chaos program is offered ONCE each year, with sessions starting in April.
  • Registration opens 48 hours in advance and seats fill up quickly.
  • Join the Waiting List for one of the upcoming sessions or reserve your seat with a deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for each session opens 48 hours before the session begins.

Each program is 6-weeks and when our current session is full we have two opportunities for you to join the next session. 

1) Join the waiting list to be informed when the next session opens for registration. 


2) We offer a reservation for the next sessions. Your reservation will require a $500 seat deposit and we will be glad to hold your spot.

Seat-deposits are non-refundable, but the full value of the deposit will be applied to your registration when it opens.


Our training and coaching will take place on ZOOM, a free easy to use cloud platform for video and audio conferencing. You can access zoom through desktop or mobile devices.

Our recordings and curriculum materials will be posted in my online learning platform, Kajabi, and you will receive a log-in and password upon registration.

And our Q&A sessions will be provided in our private Facebook Group and access will be opened when we begin our session.

There are 6 modules in the training:

  • Module 1: Introduction, Assess and Equip: we are already equipped to STOP THE CHAOS we just need to sharpen our tools and know how to use them.
  • Module 2: Traps & Tactics: Identify what tactics are at play, what traps have we fallen into,
  • Module 3: Thoughts & Belief
  • Module 4: Peaks, People & Patterns
  • Module 5: Perspective, Presence & Positioning
  • Module 6: Closing & Celebration 

Seat Deposits will be applied by coupon to the registration price of the program and registrants may choose between either the full pay or flexible payment options.

This program is making an impact. I believe you can get control, you can bring order to the chaos in your life, and you can find the peace you need. And the 'Stop the Chaos' program can help.




It is my mission, over the next 10 years, to help ONE MILLION Christian working women do the same. 

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What people are saying:

"Being coached by Cherlyn made such a huge difference. Multiple times I came to her with sensitive issues that were weighing me down, I was so confused, stuck and deeply desired clarity and truth. After meeting with Cherlyn I felt the weight lifted and I had gained deep understanding about what was going on, what needed to be fixed and where to go next. "

Lauren L.

"Cherlyn always seems to come into my life when I need a lifeline. Without her and her encouragement through a difficult season where it seemed like everything was going wrong, I would never have been as successful and confident as I am now. "

Dotti M.

"I needed a change in my life but wasn’t sure if it was really SO bad that I needed a coach, I mean, don’t we all just deal with it? Still, I felt just the right amount of overwhelming chaos that I figured it couldn’t hurt. Looking back, God knew exactly where I needed to be, what I needed to hear, and the help I needed at just the right time. "

Allison B

"Life was out of control with the combination of a cross country move, career change, explosion of my business, and life in general. I was a mess. I was stressed, depressed and couldn’t get control. I am a different woman, wife, mom, friend and leader today. Truly, I cannot imagine what my life would be like without Cherlyn"

Jilian M

Join the Waiting List, Today! 

Registration for Stop the Chaos is currently closed. Join the waiting list and be the first to know when the next session opens.


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