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IMG_1381Hi, I’m Cherlyn Decker -- it's pronounced like this, "share lynn",  I partner with busy people who want to overcome chaos and move towards peace and purpose.   I am a life coach, speaker and writer.

Life the hard way. I lived in chaos -

  • mommy guilt
  • over scheduled,
  • margin-less,
  • spiritually empty,
  • emotionally drained,
  • people pleasing,
  • worn out workaholism,
  • burnt out, and
  • sleepless (ok, sleep is still illusive to me)




But God! Isn't that just how he is, God shows up and changes things all around. For my mess he gave me a new identity and he transformed my chaotic life to  be fully lived with peace and rest; and he gave me time left over to invest in others - neighbors, friends and family.   Now, I'm excited to share what I have learned with you through my blog, speaking and one-on-one coaching. Never miss a post by signing up for my e-mail updates. Ready to trade your chaos for more peace, contact me today for a free one-on-one strategy session.  Interested in having me come speak to your group, give me a shout and let's do it!


About my family...IMG_3459 I have been happily married to Adam since 2004.  He is my best friend and I am his biggest fan.  He loves me, supports me, celebrates with me, comforts me, waits with me, cries with me and has patience with me.  He still makes my heart flutter and I love him more now than ever.  He sets a high standard for any man who tries to woo our daughters.  I love this photo of us, we're posed with a stump from a fallen and diseased tree and our initials are carved into it.  The stump now sits on our front porch with the hopes of one day being a planter.   This stump is more than just an act of romance from my husband, it's a picture of how Christ loves us, he prunes off the unhealthy parts of our character in order to transform us into a vessel he can use to display his glory.


We just recently relocated to the suburbs of Denver, Colorado after spending almost my entire life outside Washington D.C.        

I am a life coach, speaker and writer. My clients are in:

  • Consulting
  • Corporate America
  • Government and government contractors
  • Public School - administrators, teachers, support staff, etc
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Service Industry
  • Entrepreneurs - photographers, small business owners, etc
  • Full time Ministry
  • CEOs of homes and families
  • and more

My girls and our dogs on our morning walk to school.

I am a mother. I am a mother to 2 of the most beautiful blond-headed girls, Naomi (age 10) and Chloe (age 8).  James 1:17 says "every good and perfect gift is from above" and indeed, being their mom is one of the best gifts God has ever given me.  I'm so thankful God is training me how to: follow hard after him, show grace and mercy, love without conditions, walk in integrity and live a life modeling surrender and obedience, just so I can train my daughters to do the same.  I love this photo because it is a testimony to the fervent prayers of my oldest daughter, who petitioned God every night for 2 years, asking for him to make a way for her to ride the school bus.  I'm humbled and grateful he answered her prayers and gave me the greatest joy of this daily walk to the bus stop.  


I cannot fail to mention my fur babies, Murphy is our black lab-boxer mix (age 11) and Lucy is our chocolate lab  (age 3).  Life without dogs would make for a cleaner house, but nothing beats the love they display in how excited they are to see me when I come in the door.          


My margin-less workaholic background...This was my corporate headshot.

This was my corporate headshot. After graduating from law school, I spent 15 years in corporate America as Head of Procurement for a media and Internet company.  I love this photo, I'm wearing my "no-nonsense" shirt, but it was a false confidence.   For years, I experienced life with ZERO margin, but it was there I found that building into each employee brought me the greatest joy.  It was during those corporate years where God cultivated the passion to help people develop both personally, professionally and spiritually.  


In early 2015, after finding myself laid off and in a period of waiting with the Lord, God lead me to Life Coaching and gave me a passion to help people in burnout.

My certifications... I seek to maintain the highest standards of excellence in my coaching practice.

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC),
  • Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) and
  • Certified Financial Coach. 

And, I am currently working on my Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials through the International Coaching Federation.

My education... No bio is complete without a section dedicated to academia.  I earned two bachelors degrees from Virginia Tech (in Psychology and Political Science) and my Juris Doctorate from Widener University School of Law.  I received my coaching training from Professional Christian Coaching Institute and my Financial Coach training through Crown Financial Ministries.  


How you can contact me

Communicating with my family, friends and clients is important to me and I want to be available to you as much as I can. Thank you in advance for the grace when it takes me a bit longer to respond, sometimes life just gets crazy, but I do my best to respond in a timely manner. Here are the best ways to reach me.

  • Email – Email is the best way to contact me and since I take my phone almost everywhere I can sneak a peak at email more often. Shoot me an email today.
  • Comments – I really appreciate when you comment on my posts or classes, I read them all and I do my best to respond to each one.  Let me know your thoughts on what I share through blogs and video and how I can best help you.  Let's start a discussion.
  • Facebook – I love Facebook, with one-billion plus users strong just about everyone (except my husband) is on Facebook.  I enjoy the group conversations and I will respond to your comments and mentions on my Facebook Page. LIKE my Page and let’s start a conversation!
  • Twitter –  I'm verbal, so it is a challenge for me to connect with my followers over just 120 characters, but I'm trying.  Tweet, retweet, I'm slowly figuring it all out.  I'd love for you to Follow Me on Twitter.  And, if leave a comment, I will respond to you personally, no autoresponders, ever I promise!

I look forward to hearing from you!  What are you waiting for, contact me right now!


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