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Election Edition Prayer Pack

Our nation needs Jesus.

There is chaos.

There is darkness.

The enemy is scheming.

We are in a spiritual war.

We need God's absolute truth. We need His Kingdom perspective.

And we need the church to awaken.


Corruption is everywhere.

Lies are rampant.

Slander is tolerated.

There is extortion and bribery.

Our government has been a stench.


There is Deception.

Evil is ignored. 

Lies are called truth.

Discernment is lacking

And earthly wisdom is failing.


God, where are you?

You know we need God, NOW!

You know God has a strategy.

You know God can turn the hearts of a nation, but you haven't seen his hand. 

You know you need to pray, and declare, but you lack the words.


You are not alone. 

I've been there too. I see the political landscape and I am sickened.

I see the hunger for power.

I see the manipulation and twisting of words in the news.

Our representatives stopped representing the people.

They took prayer out of schools.

They don't value the beginning or the end of life.

This nation needs Jesus.

And I needed to know how to pray for it. 


This prayer pack can help. 

These prayers are from the pages of my journal.

I asked God for His heart. I asked Him HOW to pray.

And God answered.

He gave me declarations of his authority, for wisdom, for mercy, for peace.

And you can use them too.


You can take my words and make them your own. 

If you don't have the words, or

if your prayers need kicked up a notch, then

this prayer pack will help you declare God's healing over our nation*.


Get the prayer pack.

And begin changing the atmosphere over our nation.

*These prayers are Kingdom and will apply to non-US locations as well.