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In this online class, you will

get the answer to the questions:

Can We Hear From God? And If So, How?


Do you have these questions? Or is there an ache in your heart for God to speak to you? The good news is God does speak to us.  In this online class, Cherlyn tackles this topic straight from the Word of God so that you can learn HOW to hear from Him and begin to get the guidance you need for today and tomorrow.

What you'll learn:

Learn How to Recognize the Voices

There are so many voices whispering in our ears it is hard to know where they are coming from. Cherlyn will put these voices into three categories, so you know how to recognize them. 

Learn How to Discern God's Voice

Ok, so God is speaking. How do you know it's Him? Cherlyn will share the things you can do right now to discern the voice of God so you can know if it is His voice. 

Learn How God Speaks

Wouldn't it be nice to know what God uses to speak to us? You got it. Cherlyn will cover the ways and methods God uses so you can identify the unique language God uses to speak to you. 

Learn How to Grow In It

When going through a class like this, it is essential to ensure you know how to walk this out and what you need to do. Cherlyn will show you the steps you can take to grow in hearing from God.

There is such a need for this!

I had no idea there was such a need. But, it was more than a need; it was a deep desire yearning in the hearts of women.

For some, an ache began to cry out, "God, speak to my heart!" 

For others, they knew God speaks; they didn't know where to find His voice, and when they went looking for answers, there was a lack of information on HOW He speaks.

And for others, there were so many other voices competing for attention that they couldn't discern if something was FROM God or not.


I had the answer.

Here I was hearing from God for myself (and for others), and it broke my heart these women didn't know something that I did.

They were missing out on a richer relationship with the Holy Spirit.

"God, what do you want me to do?"

I prayed about it, and God began to stir my heart to teach on it. Then confirmation came from a friend. And in September 2021, an opportunity came for me to share with a small group of women on this exact topic.

Wow, what an example of how God works!


What I shared and what happened.

I showed these women it was possible to hear from God and how He speaks. I shared how to differentiate the voices trying to distract me from those trying to guide me.

Tears flowed down the faces of the women in that training. Tears of joy and tears of relief. Tears of answers to prayers they had.

Something unlocked for them.

I gave them keys that unlocked the clarity, wisdom, and direction they were desperately searching for.

Then one of the women boldly persuaded, "Cherlyn, will you teach this to more women? They need this!"

I knew God was speaking through her to confirm, again, and tug on my heart.

I knew I needed to share what I know with the women who want to learn HOW to hear from God.


This is for you if: 

There is a deep longing in your heart to hear from God.

You are desperate for clarity, wisdom, and direction.

And, you desire to know HOW then this online course is for you.


I have an invitation for you.

Will you join me? 

After our class, there will be no more doubt about whether we can hear from God, you will know you can!

There will be no more confusion if something is FROM God, you will know how to discern it.

And there will be no more uncertainty about which direction to go in your life because you will know how God speaks to you so you can get the guidance you need to move into the purposes and plans He has for you.

Join Me for this Online Class.


Hearing From God Online Class

Inside this course you will learn:

  • How to Recognize the Voices. 
  • How to Discern God's Voice
  • How God Speaks
  • How to Grow In It

BONUS CHAT WITH CHERLYN. You'll have questions; you might need clarity on what you hear from God or someone with whom to process it. As a bonus, you will receive a 30-minute chat with Cherlyn.  (Value $125)

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Yes, I'm Ready to Learn to Hear From God!

Praise for this Online Class

This class has brought such a deepening to my relationship with God.

~Melanie H.

You gave me the permission to pursue God a little bit harder.

~Wendy R.

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