Think Like An Overcomer

A 5-Day Challenge to change the way you think about what life throws at you.

5-Day Challenge 


What if you could face off whatever life throws at you.

What if instead of wanting to be an overcomer you were one.

What if instead of seeing the problem you saw possibilities for God to move.

And if what was stopping you from those things was something YOU were doing, then would you want to know?

This 5-Day Challenge will help you think like an overcomer and be set up for breakthrough. 

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About this Challenge


What topics we will cover.

Here's exactly what we'll be covering in the Think Like an Overcomer challenge:

  • What we think when trials hit.
  • What we think when we are committed to being an overcomer.
  • What we think when other people are having breakthrough and we are not.
  • What we think that delays our breakthrough.
  • What we think we "know" about being an overcomer.


What does it cost.

Just $27 USD

For less than the cost of dinner with friends you can set yourself up to be an overcomer for whatever life throws at you.

Why do I charge for challenges? Because people who pay show up and get results. We want people in this challenge who will take it seriously and do the work to think like overcomers.

Yes, I want to join the challenge.

Why our thoughts matter.

Our thoughts can delay our breakthrough. And I don't know about you, but I don't want my thoughts to limit God moving in my life. This Think Like an Overcomer Challenge is a conversation about what we think when trials hit.

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Become an overcomer so you can be set up to stop the chaos in your life and make sure it doesn't come back.


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