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Are you lost?

In desperation, I picked up my phone and dialed.
It rang 3 times until finally, my friend Maggie’s voice said, “Hello?"
"I don't know where I'm going," I confessed through tears after an hour of driving.
Maggie's comforting voice, a relief to my panic, gently asked "Are you lost?" And, then with gracious laughter, she added "it happens all the time."
I'm convinced she lives in the middle of nowhere on purpose; off the road so far, out where no GPS has ever been.
I'm convinced she lives there for the sheer fact that she wants her friends to depend — on her.
Then, as if it was God's queue to chime in, I beat him to it:" Yes, God, she's a lot like you in that way, Lord. And I think you do it on purpose too; you create the fog, you dimly light my path and strategically place the curves and forks in my road; all to teach me: dependence."
It was because of a dependence on Maggie, that I eventually made it to...
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