Who is Cherlyn Decker?

Author | Speaker | Prophetic Life Coach


As a people pleasing workaholic who suffered from mommy guilt and walked through life with false confidence Cherlyn found she was burnt out, spiritually empty, emotionally drained, and sleepless.

Transformation came through a process where God pried open each and every finger in the tight fist Cherlyn held. For in it was what she falsely believed defined her happiness and identity.

It was painful; a stagnant career, a job lay-off, the death of her father to cancer, the betrayal of a friend, a lonely season of transition in a new city and that wasn't all. It brought Cherlyn to complete surrender. It broke everything in her.

But what was broken was rebuilt and out of the ashes of Cherlyn's life has come something beautiful. Isn't that just what God does, He shows up takes the mess and makes something of it. He prunes off the unhealthy parts of our character to shape us into a vessel He can use for His purposes and plans.

Now Cherlyn's life is different, she lives fully with the peace and security of who God created her to be and from a position of rest (not striving). Cherlyn's mission and purpose is to build, equip and train others holistically, in personal, professional and spiritual growth. Cherlyn partners with busy women who want to trade their chaos for peace, find their identity and move towards their own purpose.


The Impact She is Having On Others

"What a blessing working with Cherlyn has been for me over the past year in a half. Truly I can not imagine what my life would be like without her life coaching. I was a mess of overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed with a combination of the cross country move, career change, explosion of my business, and life in general. I am a different woman, wife, mom, friend and leader today."

Jillian M

"I knew I needed a change in my life, but wasn’t sure if it was really SO bad that I needed a coach.  I also had never known the real purpose of a “Life Coach” anyway, I mean, don’t we all just go through life the same and just deal with it?  Still, I felt just the right amount of overwhelmed that I figured it couldn’t hurt.  Looking back, God knew exactly where I needed to be, what I needed to hear, and the help I needed at just the right time."

Allison B

"Working with Cherlyn was a very rewarding experience.  She wasn’t just a coach, she is a people builder.  Rarely do you ever meet someone who is genuinely interested in seeing others be their own personal best.  She helped me increase my skillset and set the right goals. She challenges people to exceed their goals and encourages confidence in her clients."

Stephanie M

Work with Cherlyn

Programs and Training

Cherlyn's programs help women stop the chaos and make sure it doesn't come back.



Cherlyn's coaching opportunities include both one-on-one and group coaching.



Cherlyn's exclusive 3-Day Rest & Recharge retreat will be held in Denver, CO.




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