Do you need God to move in your finances?


The pressure is building.

You are stressed.

The bills are mounting.

You have experienced financial hit after hit.

You feel overwhelmed, afraid, worried, and anxious.


Fear is consuming.

You're shaken

You wanted things to have turned around by now.

You wonder, 'when God, when will this be over'

You are disappointed it isn't.

You wonder, 'when God, when will you come through'?  

You are crushed because He hasn't, YET.


You desperately want to be trusting God.

You are struggling. The burdens are heavy.

There is lack in your life.

You know God is bigger than this. 

You want to trust him, but you're beginning to waiver.

You don't know what trust looks like anymore.

And you don't have the words to in the middle of this mess. 


You are not alone. 

I've been there too. I was in your shoes.

I was laid off and lost 60% of my income, and I desperately needed God to show up,

Then one thing after another broke and needed to be fixed, draining our bank account again and again.

I needed provision,

and NOW

I needed peace.

I needed strength and stability.

I needed to trust God.

And I desperately needed to find hope


These declarations can help. 

These declarations are from the pages of my journal.

I asked God to show me HOW to trust Him in my finances.

And God answered.

He showed me.

And He will show you too.


You can do something. 

You can declare

and the declarations and decrees in this 10-day series will help you connect with God and find the trust in Him that you desperately need right now.


Your circumstances can change. 

I know from my own experience when we pray the Word of God, it sets the stage for circumstances to change. Declarations root us in the truth, remind us of his faithfulness and hold us steady while we wait on God.


Get our newest 10-day declarations on finances.


These 10-Days of Declarations For Your Finances are encouraging and uplifting. Each declaration is short enough for you to focus and meditate on each day. The weekly reflections bring it all together with thought-provoking questions to help you apply these declarations to your life.

This 10-day guide provides daily verses and declarations specifically focused on finances.

What does it include?

  • Daily Verses
  • Daily Declarations
  • Weekly Prayers, and
  • Questions for reflections


Declarations For Your Finances - Vol 1

$27.00 USD

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Real People, Real Stories.

These prayers are making an impact in the lives of real women - just like you. 

Tera N


I was frozen and didn't know how to pray, these declarations gave me the words. Thank you!

Jennifer M


The Lord has been moving in my finances. We're seeing bills reduced and God has given us ideas to bring in more money. Praise God!

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